Financial Aid


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    Financial Aid at Charleston Cosmetology Institute consists of Federal Family Education Loans, Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal PELL Grants. The school is VA approved and offers assistance in securing JTPA and Vocational Rehabilitation Aid. Application for Federal Aid may be made through the Financial Aid Officer of the school.

    • Federal PELL Grants

      {application must be made 4-6 weeks prior to enrollment.}

    • Federal Direct Student Loans

      {application must be made 30-60 days prior to enrollment.}

    • Federal Family Education Loans

      {application must be made 30-60 days prior to enrollment.}

    • Additional aid through individual agencies must be arranged one moth prior to enrollment.

    The principal responsibility for education cost rests with the student and the student's parents if the student is financially dependent. Financial Aid helps pay the difference between what the student and her or her family are able to contribute and the student's actual educational expense.

    Charleston Cosmetology Institute offers the opportunity for Financial Aid to all students, regardless of racial or ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or marital status.

    The Administrator and Financial Aid Officer, Comelita Harriot, is available for Financial Aid counseling Tuesday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

    Net Price Calculator

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    Cost of Education:

    Course of Study Total Cost
    Cosmetology $17,500
    Manicuring/Nail Technology $5,150
    Esthetics $10,995