Our Services

Multi-level Styling Services

Level 1 Basic Styling: includes roller sets or blow dry flat iron
Shampoo Only $5 and up
Shampoo and Set $20 and up
Shampoo and Haircut $15 and up
Shampoo/ Haircut/ Blowdry $25 and up
Shampoo/ Haircut/ Set $25 and up
Shampoo / Blowdry $20 and up
Flat Iron (relaxed hair) $30 and up
Spiral Set $40 and up
Updo $30 and up
Ponytails $30 and up
Finger waves $30 and up
Crochet $50 and up
Braids $40 and up
Braids w/o hair $40 and up
Braids with hair $50 and up
Tracks full head (sew in) $80 and up
Tracks full head (glue in) $60 and up (Max of 5 tracks/includes style)
Single tracks sewn in $15 each
Single tracks glued in $10 each
Removal of glue/tracks $20 and up
Detangle $20 and up
Beard Trim $5 and up
*All specialized styling prices will be price based on the length of services and products used

Level 2 Styling: Chemical Services / Texture Service
Perm (Permanent Waves) $50 and up
Virgin Relaxer $60 and up
Relaxers $50 and up
Texturizer $25 and up
Spiral perms $55 and up
Gherri Curls $50 and up
Brazilian Blowout (2 oz. min) $150 and up
Design Ess. Silk Press $50 and up
*All chemical services include h/c & roller sets, curling iron, or wrap

Level 3 Styling: Color Services - Each add'l color app $10 per bowl
Color $40 and up
Semi-Permanent $40 and up
Corrective Color $40 and up
Highlights (zone 1) $50 and up
Zone 2 $60 and up
Zone 3 $70 and up
Lightening Service $50 and up
Fashion Color $40 and up
*All color services will be quoted prior to beginning service