S&S Class

Disinfection Procedures


For Foot Spas and Pedicure Equipment:

All equipment that holds water for pedicures, including whirlpool spas, foot baths, basins, sinks, and bowls must be cleaned and disinfected after every pedicure. A logbook must be kept to record cleaning and disinfection procedures. 


After each client, you must:


1. Drain and remove all debris. If there is a footplate or impeller, remove it and clean behind and underneath it.

2. Thoroughly clean with chelating detergent and a brush to remove all visible debris and rinse with clean water.

3. Disinfect basin with an EPA registered, liquid hospital disinfectant for 10 minutes. In a whirlpool unit the solution must be circulated. The solution must go everywhere the water was and stay there for 10 minutes.

4. Dry basin with a dry, disposable towel.

5. Record the time and date in your pedicure logbook.


*Chelating surfactant soaps or detergents remove mineral buildup.  They help to remove the residue from scrubs, salts, and masques.


*No additive, powder, or tablet eliminates the need for you to clean or disinfect.  An EPA-registered, liquid disinfectant solution must always be used.