S&S Class

How do we regulate???




State and Federal Agencies regulate the practice of cosmetology, nail technician, and esthetics.


 State Agencies regulate licensing, enforcement, and conduct when working in the salon.


Federal Agencies set guidelines for manufactoring, sale, and use of equipment and chemical ingredients, and for safety in the workplace.



Federal Agencies


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulates and enforces safety and health standards in the workplace.  OSHA was created as a part of the U.S. Department of Labor.  They create and enforce standards relating to handling, mixing, storing, disposing of products, safety in the workplace and your right to know the hazardous ingredients in the products you use.




MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Federal Laws require that manufactors supply a MSDS for all products sold. They contain information about hazardous ingredients, safe use and handling procedures, precautions to reduce the risk of harm and overexposure, flammability and data in case of a fire, proper disposal guidelines, and medical information in case anyone has a reaction to the product.  These should be available for all products you use in the salon.  Not having MSDS available is a violation of federal regulations.



EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is responsible for licensing different types of disinfectants.  The two types used in the salon are hospital and tuberculocidal.  All disinfecting products should be used according to its label.  Using any disinfectant product contrary to its labeling is against Federal Law.