S&S Class


Universal Precautions


 Universal Precautions are a set of guidelines published by OSHA that require the employer and employee to assume that all human blood and body fluids are infectious for bloodborne pathogens. It is impossible to identify clients with infectious diseases, so it important that the same infection control practices be used on all clients. 



Precautions and Safety Standards


OSHA sets safety standards and precautions to protect employees when they are potentially exposed to bloodborne pathogens. They include hand washing, wearing gloves, and proper handling and disposal of sharp instruments and items that have contaminated by blood or other body fluids.





Exposure Incidents


When a client's skin is cut during a salon service, blood or body fluid can be present.  Follow these steps for the safety of you and your client:


1. If a cut occurs, STOP the service!    


2. Put on gloves to protect yourself from contact with the blood.


3. Clean injured area with antiseptic.


4. Use an adhesive bandage to cover the cut.


5. Clean the workstation.


6. Discard contaminated objects. Discard all disposable contaminated objects such as wipes or cotton balls by double-bagging. Use a biohazard sticker or a container for contaminated waste.


7. Disinfect tools and implements by thoroughly cleaning and immersing in EPA-registered, hospital disinfectant solution for 10 minutes.


8. Remove gloves and wash your hands with warm soap and water before continuing the service.